Our Promise

Our wines are much more than a label

Thanks to QualityChain, technology, Elivià and Alené’s bottles have a QR code in the shape of a wine glass that tells you everything to know about our wines.

From the vineyard to the glass, discover how our wines are made.


Blockchain technology lets you save information to a shared system: instead of being stored on a computer, data distributed to millions of computers, making it difficult, if not impossible, to change, hack, or cheat. Thanks to this characteristic, Blockchain is perfect to record the history of food produce, since it allows each company to communicate in a very open and transparent way to their customers. When it comes to wine, in just a few clicks, you can discover all kinds of details: from the vineyards to the area where they are produced, to vinification and bottling.

There really is no limit to the transparency provided by this technology, known globally as a guarantee of quality and integrity.

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