Getting started

Una mattina calda del 2016, una domenica di luglio, siamo state alla vecchia cascina di nonno Guglielmo. Ogni volta che torniamo a Montalto PaveseIt was a sweltering hot morning in 2016, a scorching Sunday in July, and we were at Grandpa Guglielmo’s old farm. Every time we go back to Montalto Pavese to visit Mum and Dad we never miss a chance to go and take a look through Grandpa’s old things. This is our way of bringing him back to life for a moment, him and the life he led, a life dedicated to vineyards and grapes, which Guglielmo grew and sold to local wine sellers. A life shaped by a calling, the same calling he passed on to our father who shared Grandpa's dedication and love for this land, which we are proud to call ours.

Combining history and passion

That Sunday in July, on Grandpa's farm, we found a key. That key opened a chest. In that chest, together with bundles of old letters, papers and photos, we found two bottles of wine wrapped carefully in tissue paper. Two bottles of Boschetto red, a small wine reserve that Grandpa and Dad produced and kept all to themselves and their closest friends. They were from two auspicious years in the Piaggi family: 1978 and 1982. We couldn’t believe it! Grandpa and Dad had stored away a bottle of their favourite wine from both of the years in which we were born. vino avvolte nella carta velina. Due bottiglie di rosso del Boschetto, una piccola riserva che nonno e papà producevano per sé e per gli amici più cari, di due annate tutt’altro che casuali, 1978 e 1982. Non ci potevamo credere: nonno Guglielmo e papà Enzo avevano custodito una bottiglia del loro vino preferito per ciascuno dei nostri anni di nascita!

Our wines

We have created two wines vinifrom the grapes that Dad continues to grow and pick, season after season, in our 12 hectares of vineyards. They’re a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Nero: Elivià and Alené, is the combination of our two names and those of our parents, Angela Angela and Enzo Enzo. We were supported by wine expert Guido BeltramiGuido Beltrami, who we asked to help marry the experience of the past with today’s most modern production techniques to obtain wines that best reflect our unique land and our own personalities.

To us, wine means identity and sharing and we hope that Elivià and Alené can be a part of your happiest moments, embodying our family’s passion and the uniqueness of our land, the Oltrepò PaveseOltrepò Pavese.

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